A guide to selling second hand stuff. Not only my favourite hobby but also my long term side hustle has been selling second hand refurbished items on both Gumtree and in recent years, Facebook Marketplace. If I could go back and count the amount of money made from this hobby I’m sure it would amount to thousands. For the most part I enjoy reselling items because it gives them a second life as well as decreases the amount sent to landfill. Selling items quickly and efficiently on Gumtree and Facebook can be tricky. If done correctly you can expect to rid yourself of an unwanted item within days, pocketing a quick profit. On the other hand, if done lazily you could have your items sitting online for weeks. 

Here is my best tips to selling second hand stuff on Gumtree and Facebook

Which platform to use

For me, I mostly use Gumtree. I’ve had much success selling through the platform over the years and continue to do so. It’s very easy to use and has a proven success rate. Facebook Marketplace is also much the same but has an increasingly larger audience. I have found that Gumtree users are often more open to bargaining which in my opinion is part of the fun of selling. Facebook users most of the time will pay the listed price from my experiences. Choosing which platform to use is up to you really, they both work much the same in Sydney. Or, if your up for it why not start selling second hand stuff on both simultaneously! 

Clean and Repair before advertising items

Make sure the item you intend to sell is clean and in good working order where relevant. People don’t like to buy something dirty. Make it as appealing as possible to your prospective buyers. Give it a wipe down, wash or dust it off. Whatever you can do to improve the appearance of the item will help you to sell it quicker. 

If the item needs repairs, and you know how to do it. Then do it. Fixing an item that requires repair will allow you to sell it for more. I made this mistake not long ago. I had found a beauty in a council pick up, a drop saw that seemed to be in good condition however not working. Took it home and had the intention of watching some YouTube videos on how to fix it up. A quick google search and I found out it would be worth around $350 second hand working! A few weeks passed and I got lazy. I ended up selling the drop saw for $50 not working. Losing out on what could have a pretty big score. My point being, if you can make the repairs, it will reward you when you are ready to sell.

Take good pictures

Too often people have crappy pictures of their item for sale. It puts me off looking at the ad. Taking good pictures will help to attract your prospective buyer when they are scrolling past. To make the most of your shot, use indirect sunlight and no flash on your camera.make sure whatever is in the background is nice and tidy, not distracting the eye away from the item for sale. Take plenty of pictures as well, on every item I post for sale I have at least 5 pictures from different angles.

Gumtree selling second hand

Choose the right category

Be as specific as possible when choosing the category for your item. Choosing the wrong one can result in your item not attracting people interested in your item.

Write a good description

Next to taking good pictures is the description you provide for the item you are selling. In your description you should have details like the brand, condition, title, features, colours etc. Be as specific about the item as you can be without dragging on about it. Try to limit your description to around 100 words and no more. When there is too much to read people tend to skim through it.


Sometimes people over price items they want to sell because of an attachment they have with such an item, or memories with it. Try to avoid adding a ‘sentimental’ price to your item. 

Price your items fairly. Do some research on similar items for sale and you will get a fair idea of what they are selling for. 

Quite regularly I price my items cheaper than similar ones for sale to make sure I get a quicker sale. I’m not in the habit of having things up for sale very long. The quicker I can sell something, the quicker I can move on to the next item.

flipping for profit


For the most part, selling second hand stuff on Gumtree and Facebook is pick up only. The few that offer postage add this price in their description. When you offer postage you allow yourself to be open to more buyers around the country.

90% of the time however you won’t have to worry about posting something. The buyer will come to you and pick it up.

The last item I posted was a stack of comic books I had scored from an op shop for $15. Selling them for $220 to a Dad in Adelaide who wanted to get his 12 year old son into superheroes. I had put on my ad pick up only but he seemed genuine about his love for comics so I happily posted the package to him.

Note: Always wait for payment BEFORE posting an item.


Selling second hand items you will inevitably have to bargain with buyers. But don’t be afraid, that’s the fun part! 

When you post your items for sale, whether you put them non negotiable or not, people will offer you a lower than listed price for your item. It’s rude but that’s how it is.

Be prepared for this, what I do is have a buffer. Price the item 10-20% higher than what you will accept as a final price. Whenever I post an item for sale I have a final price in mind of what I will be willing to accept. Be careful not to price too high though.

Lastly, you don’t have to accept the first offer you get. The benefit of these two platforms is that there are plenty of buyers out there. It’s ok to say no. especially if the buyer is rude, unfair or just refusing to bargain. Don’t be afraid to say no and move on.

Leave Feedback

Be sure to leave feedback for people. This helps the platforms improve and benefits everyone involved. Buyers and sellers alike. Ask your buyer to leave feedback for you so future buyers will see that you are reliable and trustworthy.

A Guide to selling second hand stuff

The idea of reducing our contribution to landfill is great. By giving stuff a second life and selling second hand goods we help fight this ‘disposable’ societal norm. Whilst also making some money! 

If you have any Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace ads you’d like us to review just contact us!