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Over the past few months we’ve found ourselves utilizing many different resources to further our own understanding of frugal living. This not only includes frugality but also: personal finance, FIRE movement (financial independence retire early) and saving money in general.

To help out our readers I have created a list below of the podcasts, Blogs and Instagram accounts we are finding incredible value in currently. If you have any suggested resources for us to follow please let us know below in the comments!

Frugal living resources- Podcasts 

Captain FI Financial IndependenceInterviews from financial independence influencers and experts. Sharing experiences and helpful support regarding everything finance related.

FIRE & ChillActionable tips from 2 young Australians on personal finance and the FIRE movement

Motley Fool AnswersAnswers to life’s biggest financial issues revealing how to make smarter money moves 

The Ground Up ShowCandid conversations and meaningful content from people following their passions

Murphy on MoneySharing success, helpful information and support on the financial independence journey

Choose FIActionable tips on personal finance and the FIRE movement

The Young Investors PodcastDiscussions of everything you need to know regarding investing 

Side Hustle SchoolShort daily episodes diving into different people’s side hustles 

frugal living resources

Frugal living resources- Blogs & Websites 

I know there are endless amounts of blogs and website resources all over the net. The list below are the few that we are this month focusing on reading. Gaining some much needed inspiration for our own life and blog.

Captain FIFinancial Independence and Investing Blog (We have followed this blog since we first began!)

How To MoneyPersonal finance Blog

Aussie FirebugAnonymous blog detailing the journey to financial independence

The Thrifty IssueWays to save and make money in almost every aspect of daily life

The Money Marketer Blogfinancial discussions from a digital marketer perspective 

CanstarComparison site 

Whistle OutComparison site 

This month’s book

frugal living resources, this months book

On any given month I have a 1 book minimum that I read. This month is ‘I am Malala’.

Without giving too much away, the story follows a young Pakistani girl who stood up for the right to an education and to the Taliban. A must read! Click the pic or follow the link. We have plenty of other books we recommend too!