For as long as I can remember my family has shopped at second hand thrift stores. Finding all sorts of brand names and unique items for dirt cheap. The stigma that it is dirty to shop there and embarrassing, I feel has since gone away. When friends or family comment on some clothes I wear I proudly proclaim the bargain price I paid for the item. ‘Oh this, $3 at a second hand shop!’ I love it. Showing people what can be found in these thrift stores is a pleasure of mine. I hope we can continue to raise the popularity of thrift stores so they can continue to do the charitable work most of them do.

If you have never shopped at a thrift store, you are missing some serious fun!

Here are five benefits of shopping for second hand clothing at thrift stores:

  • You’re supporting charity. Stores like the Salvation Army, St Vinnie’s and Lifeline are also fantastic charities. If the item’s I wish to purchase there are a little extra than what I could get it somewhere else, I don’t mind. The workers are mostly volunteers and I have seen first hand what these amazing organizations do. So it’s well worth supporting them.
  • Shop by what catches your eye.  I love going into a second hand clothing store and browsing the hangers, I look for colors and patterns that catch my eye. Don’t take too much notice of the sizing, try it on, I’ve walked out with a medium size shirt a few times. And I am no way a medium.  It’s a great way of reusing and having something unique.
  • Kid’s clothes second hand, can be amazing, dress your darlings in designer gear for the price of budget brands.  This can be especially useful for reusing school uniform too. Be completely honest with yourself, why spend sooo much on clothing that sole purpose is to play and get dirty in!? It doesn’t mean dress them in rags. Find outfits at thrift stores, you’ll spend a lot less and won’t feel as bad when they come home covered in mud with rips and tears throughout.
  • You’ll discover new brands and styles. In recent years I’ve become a big fan of the whole ‘boho’ mens style of clothing. Since this style has been around for decades, second hand shops are perfect for it. The items I’ve found have been so unique that I’ve had a couple people ask where I got it from. Best part is, they are basically one of a kind and no one else can copy that particular item/outfit haha.
  • They are adding new stock every day, so there is always something new. Best part about it is whenever you go to the same store, there will always be something different to pick through. These stores are constantly being inundated with donations of all kinds of household items so they need do replenish their stores regularly. Unlike regular shops, thrift stores don’t get to pick the items that come. Which is great when you think about it. It gives an excitement to shopping you just can’t get at them mall.

Shopping at second hand/thrift stores is a small passion of mine. Although I do not regularly go out with the purpose of spending money. If I do wander in and find something great, I will not hesitate to spend the $4 they are asking for. Supporting the wonderful charities behind a lot of the stores is well worth it as well.

Making savings shopping like this help me afford items like this!

If you’d like, send us a message for our top op shops around Sydney South West area!