Scrimping and saving by Airlines. Over the years Airlines have taken both big and small steps scrimping to save in a range of ways. Cutting carbon emissions, saving money to increase profits and maximizing passenger capacity are some reasons airlines make cuts in many places. What does this have to do with frugal living though?

Seeing how these massive companies can make the smallest cut backs to maximize returns and experience is invaluable. We can all learn a thing or two by seeing how others scrimp. Whether that be a single vegan in a forest or a multinational conglomerate.

Here are 4 examples of how Airlines save big time!

Brussels Airlines (Belgium)

In October 2019 the airline decided to stop offering a printed paper magazine onboard in the hopes of reducing their environmental impact. The onboard magazine was replaced by a subscription for passengers to a digital magazine of their choice. The decision to cut their paper magazine was estimated to save 115 Tonnes of transported weight per year! With a 35 Tonne reduction in CO2 emissions across it’s then 250 daily flights.

That’s a massive decrease in weight just by getting rid of the magazines! that in my opinion you never see anyone read! 

scrimping and saving

American Airlines scrimping and saving on straws (USA) 

These days plastic straws are becoming a thing of the past. They are horrible for the environment and just end up everywhere, in the oceans, the forests and just about every park and playground out there. Plastic straws suck.

These days most airlines have taken this upon themselves and followed suit however in 2018 American Airlines were the first major airline to discontinue plastic straws replacing them with eco friendly options.

It’s believed that the move helped reduce up to 32,200Kg of plastic waste each year from the environment. 

American Airlines (USA)

In the airline world this story is legendary for scrimping. In the 1980’s Robert Crandall, then head of American Airlines came up with the idea of removing just one olive from every dinner meal served to its passengers. Figuring that passengers would never notice he went ahead and did it. Saving the airline $100,000 a year!

Slowing down to save on fuel

JetBlue, an American low cost airline made the decision back in 2008 to slow down their flight times by just 2 minutes per flight. 2 minutes is absolutely miniscule and you wouldn’t think it would save that much right? By doing so they managed to save $13.6 million dollars per year on the cost of jet fuel.

Earlier in the same year, Southwest Airlines, another american airline, slowed their flight times by one to three minutes per flight. Saving the company $40 million dollars annually.

In the years since, many airlines globally have adopted the same scrimping tactic to save on jet fuel. It’s hardly noticeable to the flight time and saves tonnes!

how airlines save

What does this have to do with frugality!?

The airline industry makes tonnes of these kinds of cuts every year to maximize their earnings and minimize their expenses. Their scrimping and saving is frugality. On a massive scale.

Taking small expenses from our day to day lives, changing our habits and replacing them with new, less costly ones is proven to save big time in the long run. Start small, like with your groceries.

We are coming up to the end of the year and will be beginning another with a full budget overhaul slash review. With these scrimping, penny pinching tactics from the airlines in mind I think we will be able to add more value to our lives whilst lowering outgoing expenses ever more.  

scrimping and saving by airlines