The power bill is a real headache at times, To start with you could compare electricity and gas retailers in your area and you may be able to get a better deal. Do your due diligence, it can’t hurt.  Also, work out when your on and off peak times are. Use the washing machine during off peak along with any other appliances you can set and forget.

Here are 6 tips to help conserve energy and save money on your power bill:

  •  Always look at the energy rating of appliances and select the most energy-efficient appliances you can when purchasing new appliances. Quite often when we buy new things, most people decide based on three factors; price, appearance and quality. Add one more thing to that list when buying. Energy rating/Energy efficiency. You’d be surprised how much impact this will have on your power bill.
    • Energy Rating
  • Switch of lights when not in use and switch to energy efficient light bulbs. This use to drive my parent’s nuts. If you’re not in a room, why have the light on. If it’s broad daylight and there’s sunlight pouring in, why have the lights on. It’s excessive and unnecessary. When buying new bulbs, check that they are energy efficient ones.
  • Do you really need to use the laundry dryer when it’s nice outside?  It’s just lazy. We’re all guilty of it though. Just hang it on the line! You don’t need to use the dryer every single day. Reserve it for only wet weather and emergencies. Speaking of washing, wash your clothes on a cold cycle instead of warm. This little change will not compromise the wash quality but will save energy from the water heating. We’ve gone a step further and just disconnected the warm water from our washing machine altogether. So there is no temptation and after a while you won’t even notice.
  • Pinch the Temperature: Turn your air conditioner a single degree higher and the heating a single degree lower, it makes a difference. The air-con will have to work that little bit less meaning less energy consumed.  Turn the shower down a notch too; do you absolutely need it scolding hot every damn time?  Then you are seriously saving money.
  • Watch it on your phone. Keep the TV turned off and watch whatever you want on your phone in bed. These day’s phones can do more than the TV and most people know how to access it easily. If you’re like me, you put your phone on charge at bed time any way so use that bit of battery you have to get your nightly fix of TV. Saves you turning on the TV and having that sucking energy. This tip seems a bit extreme I know, maybe instead of watching so much TV just read a book. You’ll feel 10x better.
  • Consider Solar, of course there is set up costs with this and only home owners will consider it worthwhile for saving on the power bill. I can’t see any renters forking out for a solar system on a house they don’t own. Yes, some set ups are expensive at point of purchase, but there are some great simple systems and some great offers.

These 6 tips are all ways of reducing our footprint whilst conserving power and saving money. There’s obviously more ways to save and conserve, these are just some that we use. I don’t want to recommend anything we haven’t already tried and tested out ourselves.

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