Phone bill savings. The telco industry is constantly evolving. Competition is fierce among competitors which means us as consumers get to reap the rewards of such competition. Doing a bit of research can save you substantially annually.

Recently I listened to a very informative podcast by -How To Money Aus in which Kate, the host interviewed Joel Gibson. A money saving expert and author of personal finance book ‘Kill Bills’. Kate and Joel discussed tips and tricks on how everyday people (That’s us!) can reduce their bills with a little research and a few switches. They also gave us the know-how on the best places to hunt for great deals.

phone bill savings

The podcast episode was great and I managed to get some good savings as a result of it.

Phone bill savings:

To start off, my own phone is paid for by the company I work for since I am a sales rep by trade. So no savings needed there since I get that for free already.

But Steph’s phone is a regular monthly household bill.

She has been on the same pre paid plan for many years now with no intent to switch since we considered it already pretty inexpensive. We were wrong.

On a regular $40 monthly recharge she get’s:
  • Unlimited calls and txt
  • Unlimited social media data
  • 3gb data

Seemed like a decent deal for a long time since we have wifi at home she uses as well as at her job. So the only times she had to use her phone data was while we were out. Which is often. 

Where to find better deals and phone bill savings:

Whistle Out is an Australian website aimed at comparing Mobile plans, Internet plans, Tablet Plans as well as Pay TV.  founded in 2008 on the assumption that you shouldn’t need to be a genius to get a great phone or internet plan. They are an independent company not owned by any of the telco companies. A completely free to use service.

Quick Note: In no way am I getting paid to advertise this website or their products. I just want to pass on the benefits of this online tool to anyone who can save a little extra on their monthly bills.

compare phone bill savings

So I used this website service to do some comparisons on what was available in the market and to see if we could find even the smallest saving on Steph’s phone bill. 

One reason people do not switch is because they think that lesser known providers will have lesser coverage. This is simply not true!

Currently, Australia only has three phone line carriers. All providers run on either one of these three!

Phone bill savings:

new phone bill savings plan

The Deal:

$30 monthly recharge 

  • Unlimited calls and txt
  • 40Gb data
  • Optus 4G plus mobile network

She gets to keep her existing number. The switch will take no longer than 30min and basically none of her service requirements change. She gets more. For less. 

In total the switch will save us $120 a year. 

The next household bill we intend to compare and reduce is our home internet.

I hope this article can give you some insight into how to use a comparison website to your advantage and save on your household bills every month. Phone bill savings are just the beginning!

More savings!