If you’ve been keeping up with our stories on instagram you know June has been a very fun month of goal chasing! Making the most of our spare time, making memories and having fun. Frugally achieving our june goals.

GOAL #1 – Catch up with at least 2 friends I haven’t seen in ages

Quite often life gets away from us and we don’t have time to see people we’d love to hang out with or just have a laugh with again. So this was well worthwhile. I caught up with 2 friends of mine I’ve known since high school but in recent years only see once a year or less. One of them actually helped me complete part of my other goals by accompanying me to the Auburn Gallipoli Mosque for a visit! Was amazing to catch up!

GOAL #2- Try 3 new activities I’ve never done before
Meditate in a Buddhist temple- Unanderra, down past Wollongong is home to Nan Tien Temple. A must see destination should you find yourself in the area. Since we’re in Campbelltown it’s only a 40min drive from us. The place is stunning. Go see for yourself, the photo just doesn’t show the grandness of it.

Visit a Mosque- Never been inside one, heard they are beautiful. Why the fuck not. Ha-ha.

Try Geocaching– If you haven’t heard of Geocaching, click here. Its fun, free and a good excuse to get out and get some fresh air. I’ve known about it for a while but never got a chance to try it out. I downloaded the app and took our pup Nesta for a trek searching for our first geocache. Success!

All three new activities I completed cost me nothing. Onto the next goal!

GOAL #3- Start frugal beans blog/website
Since our very first post on instagram the plan has always been to extend our sharing capacity into a blog. It’s just one of those things you intend on doing but never get around to. Kind of like running a marathon. You know it’s going to feel awesome when you complete it. But there will be a lot of work before that feeling comes. Well, making this a non negotiable goal of June proved to be the drive we needed to get this up and running.

A lot of research and YouTube tutorials later and we have a website! Our own little slice of the internet.

GOAL #4- No takeaways or eating out at all for whole month ❌  failed…. miserably.

I can’t even tell where this was first broken. I think I made it 1 week in, got a glimpse at those golden arches, flicked on the indicator and the rest is saturated fatty history.

Will have this recurring from june goals to july goals until it is complete for one month.

GOAL #5- Learn to salsa with Steph
We know we can’t master a dance in a matter of hours. That wasn’t the point. The point was to get a start on learning since we have spoken about doing it for well over a year. We’ve learnt about 8 steps so far! Bit by bit we will get better and break that bad boy salsa out at the next wedding we attend like a magician at a 5 year olds birthday!

GOAL #6- Go walk 4 new bush trails around Campbelltown
Our area has tonnes of bush walking trails, we’ve lived in this city most of our life and have barely scratched the surface. So this month we tackled 4 that we didn’t know existed. South west Sydney has never ending amounts of trails to explore right in our backyard so it’s time to take advantage of this.

GOAL #7- Learn 1 new valuable skill
I know it’s a little childish, but I never learnt to make a paper crane when I was young. I didn’t really pay attention in Japanese language class in year 7. But one slow day in the office had me thinking how I could use that time efficiently while waiting around. Boom. Origami!
Then, we got another skill under the belt as well. Although not mastered like that folded bit of paper. Pull ups. I reckon the guy at the gym that doesn’t need to stack the weights extravagantly and just jumps up on the bar looks like the baddest mofo in there. I’ve always wanted to be able to do them, never have been able to though. That changed this month of june goals. I can now do 5 in a row. That’s 5x more than I could last month.

GOAL #8- Invest at least $1,000 in Exchange trade funds
As a result of savings combined with Gumtree sales I was able to invest a total of $1,250 into an ETF using the platform Self Wealth. I did a fair amount of research prior to using this platform. As you should when considering investing. Over the past few years I’ve had a big interest in investing but never took the leap, always to scared. Not anymore. Goal achieved.

Overall a fantastic month of goal chasing and goal achieving. What would have been a normal month with our normal routine turned into 4 weeks of becoming more efficient with my time. Using more resourcefulness to complete these june goals with minimal financial expense, beside the investing goal which had a dollar mark. June 2020 was a great month of growth.