I have recently made the decision to cancel my gym membership. In light of the pandemic, our gym has been closed for almost 2 months. In this time we have continued to exercise daily at home. Since it has been almost 8 weeks since buzzing into that grunt filled sweat den I’ve come to a realisation. I don’t absolutely need it. My gym costs $18.00 per week. Cancelling this membership altogether is going to save me $936 per year. Not to mention the time it takes to drive there and back pre and post workout sesh.

How much do you pay to go to the gym or for fitness classes?  Want to save some of that money? It’s not rocket science that working out at home is free. Gyms are a luxury and an expense that can be counteracted with nothing more than knowledge and motivation.

Here is some advice that will help you get fitter whilst saving money

Working out at home is by far the most cost effective way to exercise. But no one says that you must stay home when working out. Go to a park, use your back yard, garage or anywhere else you can think of and utilise.  In recent years many parks and nature reserves have added outdoor workout equipment. I’ve used many and must say it has been a lot more enjoyable than staring at that guy at the gym that always forgets leg day.

With a plethora of on-line videos it is easy to find Pilates, Yoga and other fitness classes suited to any needs. Basic equipment is not expensive or even necessary really. 

You can go jogging, running or cycling from home, or start walking and build up to something more energetic.

For me, the only equipment I have is a boxing bag and a set up dumbbells. All of my minimal equipment was either purchased second hand or found on a curb side pick-up for free. I have a firm rule; I do not buy equipment brand new. It’s overpriced and not worth it. I do regular use these items I have although a lot of the time I do complete bodyweight workouts requiring nothing but a small space. Body weight exercises combined into circuits for full workouts are among the most effective ways to train. When I run out of ideas I do the obvious, Google it.

If you’re out of ideas for workouts or just plain not bothered, search YouTube! There are literally thousands of workouts that you can follow along to. sometimes it feels like a free gym membership watching training to free online classes. I might add that there is more than ever available online, since gyms were forced to close due to the pandemic, a lot of places made their routines and workout classes available online. The gym I was previously a member of posted dozens of classes on YouTube for everyone to enjoy. Search them up; Aquafit

Here’s a couple workout’s I regular do to have the whole body pumping

Workout #1

100 Jumping Jacks

10 sets of 10 reps

Push ups

Sit ups




100 Jumping Jacks to end workout

Workout #2

3 rounds, each exercise performed for 2min, 20 sec break in between exercises

Hip thrusts

Diamond push ups



Single leg squats

Jumping lunges

Wide push ups

Russian twists

Side plank Left

Side plank Right

Reach out !

Paying for a gym membership is not the only way to get fit. It’s no secret. Everyone has this idea that they need to be inside a gym to have that motivation. You don’t.

I’ve helped out a few mates get back on track with exercise and found it extremely rewarding. I’m not a personal trainer but I do know what has worked for myself and friends.

If you would like a full week training plan, get in contact with us!

Getting fit can be scenic too