The easiest way to earn more money. Secret time. Lower your expenses! In this blog article I will go through with you a list of our own common recurring bills that we have managed to lower drastically to put extra $$$$$ into our own pockets.

Earning more money without actually ‘earning’ more money is quite a simple process. Although it can seem daunting to the ‘not bothered’ of us. Take some time to sit down, evaluate where your money is going every time you get paid and see where it is so you can compare, cull and cut your expenses lower. 

Everything is on the chopping block. Everything. When you are going through this process, keep in mind though that price is not the only factor you should take into consideration. For expenses like phone plans, internet plans and even gym memberships, consider the service you are receiving in return for what you are paying. There’s no point lowering the cost of a gym membership to a cheaper gym if it doesn’t have the facilities you need. Same with internet plans, sure you can get cheaper wifi but you have to consider the strength and speed on the connection you are paying for. 

Here Are The Expenses We Have Lowered To Earn More Money:


Finding a mortgage that is affordable to your budget is a definite must for the frugal lifer. It can be a confusing process but done properly can save you tonnes. Look for the lowest interest rates. Speak with different lenders, mentioning to each that you are shopping around. Play the lenders and banks against each other, they all want your business! Use it to your advantage.

When we initially got our first mortgage we went for whomever would lend us the money. Not checking where the best deal was we signed up for a mortgage that had us paying way too much in minimum repayments every week! Of course we just steam rolled ahead with this to get us our home, taking no prisoners. 

lower mortgage rates save tonnes
Not our actually house haha

A year or so went by until we reevaluated our mortgage and switched it to another bank. Lowering our interest rate which in turn lowered our minimum repayments to save us a massive $110.50 Per Week! 

$5,746 Per Year Savings 

Phone Plans

For the longest time we had assumed Steph was on the best deal out there for her mobile phone. She wasn’t. Using WhistleOut to make comparisons we were able to switch her from Optus to Amaysim. Gain more data each month and still have unlimited calls and texts all for $10 less! $10 per month savings!

Fun fact for those comparing mobile phone carriers. In Australia, our entire mobile network is owned by just three service providers. The three mobile networks in Australia are owned and operated by Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone. The numerous other service providers are all powered by this trio of network networks. For example, we switched from Optus to Amaysim right? Amaysim is run on the optus network. We are paying less for literally the same network capabilities. All service providers in Australia are run on either of these three networks.

$120 Per Year Savings

cutting your expenses


I found changing my internet provider quite tricky. WhistleOut has plenty to compare for you to make sure you are getting the best deal. Don’t just go with the same as your neighbor. Do your research and see what you can get.

I had done this in the past, bouncing between a couple until I got the best deal. Recently I called my provider to hound them about providing me with a better deal for a lower price, since I have been a customer for almost 10 years now. Turns out I had forgotten that I had done this already a couple years ago haha they had already lowered my bill for my unwavering loyalty. Truth be told I am not loyal, they provide excellent service for a competitive price. If that price went up I would reevaluate and compare.

Instead of getting my bill lowered again my provider gave me another incentive to continue on with them. 3 months free internet in return for a 6 month contract! 

I have been with them for almost a decade, a 6 month contract is easy!

When comparing internet plans, be sure to compare connection speeds, bandwidth and data allowances.

Total savings $210

Internet plan savings

Energy Bill

Ahh the power bill. The inspiration for this entire article. Prior to writing this I had just switched our energy providers. 

Using Energy Made Easy, a government site created to help Aussies get the best deal possible with its energy providers I was able to switch to another provider on a better deal.

My new provider makes it more convenient for how we plan our budgets by having a fortnightly billing option. They are also much cheaper! $10 Per Week Cheaper! 

$520 Per Year Savings

Gym Membership

In Sydney we are extremely spoiled for choice when it comes to gyms. There’s everything from crossfit to yoga studios, F45 to powerlifting gyms. Which means they are all competing for your membership fees. Which means we can play the field!

Having been a member of my last gym for just over 6 years, I had grown a bit tired of the surroundings and wanted a fresh start for the new year so I shopped around. 

I came to find another gym that had all the same facilities as mine plus more! It is open 24 hours (my old one is not a 24 hour gym) and is a 1 minute longer drive from my home (around 300m from my old gym). The only thing this new gym doesn’t have is a pool. That’s fine because I hardly swim.

So I switched to the new gym, absolutely loving it and have found another round of fitness motivation to keep me going.

Oh, I also saved $4 per fortnight on membership fees

$104 Per Year Savings

Earn more money by cutting your expenses 

By lowering your expenses you essentially put more money in your own pocket. Going through your recurring bills one by one comparing providers to get the best deal possible. Giving yourself peace of mind and having more money for the things that matter to you.

By going through all our expenses we managed to earn more money for ourselves. A total of $6,700 this year!! 

A very worthwhile exercise reevaluate all your expenses to see where you can cut. Earn more money by lowering your expenses!