It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that growing your own fruit, vegetables and herbs at home will save you money. We’ve gardening for a few years now and we find it very rewarding. Using fresh home grown herbs in our cooking feels good, is healthier and most importantly tastes way better! There’s something very satisfying about seeing the fruits of your labour then eating them.

In our home we grow a few different plants; aside from our decorative gardens all around our home we enjoy a variety of herbs, fruits and veggies.

Every year during the spring our Mulberry tree spawns thousands of berries. We eat them fresh, use them in salads, and freeze lots of them for daily smoothie’s as well as give them away to family and friends.

Our small lemon tree has recently begun bearing fruit which we love to pick. Lemons can be used many ways including in tea for when we feel ill.

Our herb gardens grow fresh basil, parsley, tonnes of mint, chilli, chives and a few others we now have sprouting during the winter.


Seeds are really cheap, for a couple dollars you can buy a pack that sometimes holds 100’s of seeds.  Also, lots of things are easy to grow.  Some of the easiest vegetables we grow are:





You don’t need loads of space or much equipment to start gardening. However you may need to provide compost to get the best out of the food you grow. Our compost comes from our own food waste. 

You can literally grow the vegetables in the compost bag.  Or mark out an area and put the compost straight on the ground, Grow Pots are material plant bags that can just be folded up and put away when not in use.  But any container will work as long as there is drainage. A word of warning though, in very hot temperatures the roots will get very hot in plastic bags and could literally boil in full sun.  So think about the temperatures you expect and positioning.


The benefits of growing your own are awesome and in the Australian climate it is not very difficult so long as you do a bit of research for what you intend to grow in the space you are using.

  • Home grown veggies are antioxidant and vitamin packed
  • Gardening is a healthy activity, you’d be surprised how much the exercise adds up
  • A few dollars spent at the start will produce an abundance of food that is virtually free, costing you only the time spent gardening
  • Nurturing the growing plants is oddly satisfying
  • You can grow organically, saving money on organic choices at the supermarket
  • If you’re on a really tight budget, find containers and other items that could be used for planting.
  • Growing your own is a great, healthy way to save on your grocery bill
  • Food waste can be used to nourish new growth!

Someone awesome that we get tips from on gardening to follow on YouTube is;

Self Sufficient Me

No, he didn’t pay us to refer him. The video’s on his channel have helped us become very confident in our gardens so we’d like to return the favour by recommending you all to watch some of his content for tips!

An awesome beginner set up tutorial we found;

If you’ve got any tips for us, let us know! We’d love to hear from you! We are constantly trying to improve and learn.