39 year old Trey from Oklahoma is the frugal dad. Our second interview in this series showcasing another great influencer in the frugal living community worldwide.

1.    Tell us a little about yourself and how did you begin your frugal lifestyle, have you always been frugal?

I am married and a father of two.  I have always been somewhat frugal.  Growing up we didn’t have a lot of money so we had to make do with what we had or work and save to get what we wanted.  So it was always a part of who I was.  The older I get the more intentional I’ve gotten with my spending.  It took me a while to learn what’s important and what I was wasting money on.  I’ve not always been the best at it, but the desire to be frugal has always been there.

2.    How has frugal living helped you reach your financial goals?

We are still on our journey to be debt free, but we have gotten a lot closer the more intentional I am with our spending.  The biggest issue that my frugality has helped with is eating out and creating budget friendly meals.  Eating out and the grocery budget was our number one issue from the beginning. 

3.    How has frugal living improved your life?

The biggest improvement I see from living a frugal life is reducing stress.  Specifically when it comes to money, just the thought of looking at the bank account would stress me out because I never knew what it was going to look like or what was in there.

4.    What’s your best frugal living tip?

My best tip for frugal living revolves around food.  Food is such a large part of anyone’s budget and we have so much control over it if we choose to.  So being intentional with the spending and how you cook can be a game changer.

5.    What is a recent purchase or decision you made that saved you money and how did you do it? 

Our most recent ‘purchase’ was paying off one of our vehicles. 

We recently sold our home and used a portion of the money we made to pay off my wife’s car. 

6.    What are some resources and/or strategies you use to help you live frugally?  

Between social media and books you can find a ton of good information.  I’m always reading or listening to something money related which helps keep me motivated to stay frugal and continue on our debt free journey. 

7.    Do you have any advice for someone new to frugal living?

My biggest tip or anyone is to just be intentional.  With everything, from spending to saving, literally everything.  Evaluate and be intentional with everything you do.

8.    What content do you like to share on Instagram/YouTube and why should the frugal community follow you?

I share everything from frugal money saving tips to side hustles.  I’ve got an online e-commerce business so I share a lot of business related content as well. 

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