Frugal fun. A night out, or in shouldn’t mean blowing your weekly budget. There are tonnes of options for entertaining and socializing on the cheap. We decided to put together a few ideas for you to try out! There are endless fun ideas out there for everyone willing to think outside their wallet. The below list is just some of the nights we have done ourselves. Over time the nights we’ve had with our friends haven’t cost us much at all but have definitely rewarded us with lasting memories.

Potluck dinner

In years gone by we held potluck dinners every Sunday. Family Dins was what we called it. Every sunday afternoon/night we all would make a dish each and put it together into a huge feast. Everyone always doing their best to showcase their culinary skills. Every week we would change hosts. So the scene was different every week. We went through a couple solid years with this ritual. Nowadays we still have potlucks although just occasionally instead of weekly.

Plenty of full stomachs and plenty of laughs along the way.

Games night

A classic. Board games are timeless. Same with the potluck traditions, our friends group has held these at different homes over the last few years. Every game night with different games. We all bring what board games we have from home and decide on the night what we will all battle over. Personal favorite, trivia.

Poker night

The boys and I love a good poker game. We all bring our own drinks. If someone doesn’t bring their own, we share with them. Our time is only as good if everyone enjoys themselves. The competitions get fierce and last for hours. The host usually makes the snacks and we all have a great night.

Video games night

This ones always a hit. The way we do it is we set up multiple TV’s out in our back entertainment area with up to 3 different gaming consoles. Then we battle it out on each. The last night I hosted, we had one TV playing PS4. Another playing N64 and a third playing arcade games. It was epic to say the least. Think of it as a potluck for games. Ask your friends to bring with them any games they have and would like to play. Alternate throughout the night.

Movie night

Movie nights are simple but always super fun and chill. Switch on Netflix or however you have access to movies. Make some snacks and deck out what room you have with pillows and blankets for everyone to snuggle up and enjoy the show. 

We have a nice size yard so on a warm night we like to host movie’s in our backyard. Last one we held, I borrowed a projector from my brother and we had a full blown theatre in the backyard!

Football day out

Easy. Find a field. Grab some mates and play some footy.


I must admit. Book Clubs initially sounded a bit too nerdy for me. Even though I love reading I just wasn’t feeling it. Then we joined one. It’s been great! It’s like all your friends watching the same movie and talking about it afterwards. Although with books it’s far more in depth. We haven’t done it for a while but I really did enjoy it and will start this one again. 

The last book we read was The People Smuggler: The True Story of Ali Al Jenabi

I highly recommend it!

Boot camp

Get fit and exercise in a group with your friends! Search Youtube and put together a workout routine of your own. Or you can find online classes that everyone can follow along with. Free frugal fun and healthy!

Local free events

Your local area will most definitely hold free events you can partake in. In our area there are always fun things happening. For instance, on Australia day the council puts on a fair with lots of free activities including live bands, food and rides for everyone. Other free events you can attend may include live bands at a local pub, bootcamps, charity fundraisers etc. Check your council’s facebook and web page to see what is happening in your area. 

Low cost events

When it comes to low cost events there is always something on around. One example could be going to the movies. What we have always known as ‘tight arse Tuesdays’ (although the cinema doesn’t call it that, is when the tickets to see a movie are around half the usual price!

Local pubs always have dinner specials on certain nights for  a cheap date night. If you are dining out, consider restaurants that allow byo. Save on buying drinks at dinner and take a bottle of wine from home with you.

Join an rsl club (membership discounts)

RSL’s offer membership discounts on food and drinks for members. In this day and age you’d be hard pressed to find a schooner for under $5. Our local RSL offers schooners for $4.60 for members. That’s pretty cheap when you’d rather go out for a beer over staying home. Food is always great at these clubs as well. You can get a relatively low cost meal, play some pool and have a few drinks for under $40 at an RSL. 

Not only do you contribute to a worthwhile club that does amazing work for our returned servicemen. But you get a cheap night out. That’s pretty frugal fun!


We both love this one. Helping people and nonprofits is simply fulfilling. You actually feel like you are making a positive difference. 

Last we volunteered at a local lifeline store. Helping sort donations and sorting inventory in store. We had a lot of fun. It wasn’t until the second time we volunteered that we also found out that this particular store offered 50% off to all volunteers too! Let’s just say we went on a bit of a shopping spree that weekend.

There are so many frugal fun ideas you can do with friends! Keep an open mind and think outside of your wallet!

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