Sometimes all it takes to turn out some everyday savings is to evaluate your routine. Seeing where it is you’re spending. Here are 3 easy ways you can save a little extra every day;

Packed Lunch/Drinks from Home

Far too many people spend far too much on coffee on the way to work and getting lunch on the go. forfeiting possible everyday savings.  Even using a meal deal, it is be far more cost effective to take a packed lunch and drinks with you.  Use a special flask to keep drinks hot or cold and take your own tea, coffee or whatever is your workday elixir.  Don’t have time to make lunch while having breakfast in the morning? Just make extra at dinner and have that for lunch the next day. It’s not rocket science.

I do have to admit though, it’s hard when all your work colleagues are going down to Maccas and I have tuna and rice because I was too lazy to make dinner the night before.

Transport Costs

If you travel by public transport, say a train and a bus. Why not see if you could bike that last bit instead of the bus? Or walk it? You’ll save that little extra from the bus ride and get a bit of exercise. You’ll arrive to work feeling more awake and ready for the day.  If you’re not keen on locking up a bike or don’t want to buy one, how about’ a scooter !? There dirt cheap and super economical, portable and fun!

If you use your own car, plain and simple. Look after it. Make sure your services are up to date. Check your tyre pressure regularly. Use economical fuel recommended for your vehicle. Just keep up with the maintenance. A well kept car will pay you back by being cheaper to run. A shit box will rain fuel and cost more.

One last drastic way, ride a motorbike. When I was younger, I did not have my car licence and caught the bus to work every day. One day my shift got changed and I needed to start at 5am from then on. Unfortunately where I worked, the buses did not start until 6am so I had to find another option. I couldn’t walk there (nearest train station was at least a 1 ½ hour walk away) Most importantly, I was only on my learner car licence still 8 months away from getting my P’s.

So I went out and done my Motorcycle licence. Bought a small, cheap $1,500 125cc motorbike and away I went every morning leaving home at 4:15am to arrive at work on time. It was ridiculously cheap and I kicked myself for not doing it sooner. In comparison; public transport was costing me $60/week, the motorbike cost me $9/week in fuel. No joke, I swear. I had spent 3 years prior to that on public transport every day completely oblivious to the fact I could be commuting for almost 90% cheaper.

Either one of these ways, look into it. Evaluate your situation, see if there’s some way you can spice up your commute and take small advantage of everyday savings.

Skip the Friday schooner at the local

Controversial, I know. But give me a chance to explain. These day’s a schooner of that golden liquor down the local pub can cost around $7, and if you’re like most people 1 just doesn’t enough. Let’s say you have dinner at the pub, from around $15-$25 for any meal. Throw in three lagers at $7 each and you’re looking at around $50. That doesn’t account for a few more should the night take you onward.

Do the math, a case of 24 beers will cost around $50, cooking at home will cost you a tiny bit out of your regular shopping expenses. You’ll still be able to enjoy those Friday wind down bevies. But instead of paying $21 every Friday for 3 beers, you’ll be paying around $2 a beer and not have to worry about who is driving home.

There are tonnes of ways to save a little extra from day to day. Most things we’re just use to doing in routine that we don’t think of a cheaper, economical way. Take a minute to re-evaluate your current routine. See if there is something you can alter to save a bit. You’d be surprised how much richer I felt having an extra $51 in my pocket. Just from switching to riding a motorbike over the train and bus.

Now we’re saving money, it’s time to re evaluate the budget