How I Expect Our Monthly Expenses To Rise Now With Kids. A week ago today we were truly blessed with not one but two beautiful baby boys. The past week has been a rollercoaster of both emotions and adjustments. Our lives have changed forever in the best way possible. Our boys came into this world both happy and healthy which was all we could have asked for. As new parents we are both super excited for the times ahead creating new memories in our life together being a family. 

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But with all this excitement I’ve (Dad) now begun to contemplate how we can adjust and monitor our budget to accommodate for our two son shines. I want to be very clear that in now way do I see any of the following increases as a burden. The excitement I feel right now for raising two mini-me’s far outweighs any financial expenses. At this moment I can predict 5 ways our monthly expenses will increase.

nappies increases monthly expenses

1. Nappies 

When I first thought of what we needed to add to our regular budget the first thing that came to mind was nappies. 

We prepared months in advance for this. Every fortnight for around 3 months prior we bought huge bulk boxes of nappies in preparation. We also received lots as gifts during our baby shower. Safe to say we have enough nappies currently for hopefully a month if we are lucky. I honestly never had any idea of how much babies actually poop!

For now we are stocked up. But when the time comes that we have to buy more I plan to purchase a large box of nappies every week. Adding an extra $50 minimum to our weekly shopping budget. Of course I have thought about the reusable cloth nappy route, but do I want to add 20+ poopy nappies to our already mountainous laundry everyday? No. Am I a bad person for adding to landfill instead of using cloth nappies? That’s up for debate.

2. Laundry

Our home has literally doubled its occupants. It has always felt like a home since we filled it with love from the beginning of our life together, now adding more of that same love and laundry to do. In the past 3 days we have been home with our babies we have done 3 large loads of laundry in our 7kg washing machine. Compared to 1 load every 2 days we used to do when it was just my wife and I. Babies use a lot, I now know that but funnily enough I don’t seem to mind. 

This increase will be in our water usage, power bill and time hanging, folding and washing laundry. We won’t be able to see how this actually affects our bills until our next bills arrive. I intend to compare the new one with our last and assess what we can cut back on to slightly counteract the increase. 

For instance, If the sun is out then our dryer stays off and unplugged. If it is a nice day outside then we will always hang our washing to dry. 

babies monthly expenses

3. Cleaning 

In the past 2 days I’ve cleaned our house more than I would usually in a whole week. We generally keep our home tidy. Babies create more waste and mess that needs to be cleaned. 

This increase is relating to the amount of cleaning products we will now be buying and using more of. Wipes for wiping bottoms. Detergent for cleaning dishes. Soap for bathing. Spray and wipe for cleaning up any spills. Ect ect.

With two new humans in our care for life our cleaning efforts increase dramatically. We will be using more which means we will need to buy more in our regular shoppings adding to our monthly expenses.

4. Food

For the time being we have the wonderful creation of breast milk that is doing the feeding. To be honest, as a man I have a new found love for my wife seeing her become a mother feeding our babies. During our stay at the hospital I became amazed learning how and what breast milk can do.

But, her breast feeding days aren’t going to last forever. The time will come when my boys will start eating. As a Kiwi we are taught the importance of food from an early age as to how important it is in our culture as a whole. They will learn to eat, and eat plenty to grow big and strong (although I do not intend to let them eat junk food very often if at all).  

Food is an expense a part of the big 3. Food, power, shelter. I predict the added necessity of food for our boys to add an extra $50 a week to our regular food shopping. When that time comes I will adjust and adapt our monthly expenses appropriately.

5. Power 

Another one part of the big 3. Our power is going to go up. As I mentioned in laundry, this cost is going to rise. Laundry is just one aspect of power though. Things like lights, heating, sterilizers and baby monitors all use power. That’s all extra to our old usage. Which means we will need to accommodate this increase. 

Adjust and adapt our budget accordingly.

How I Expect Our Monthly Expenses To Rise Now With Kids

The times ahead are going to be tough, I have no doubt they will be. Being prepared financially for the coming increases is one way I plan to help us both minimise our stress. Having our finances planned gives us more time to focus on our family whilst not worrying whether or not we are going to have enough money for whatever babie’s need. I try my best to be prepared for most outcomes financially.I also actually like when life throws a bit of a curve ball in the mix with something unexpected. You can be prepared for most things but not everything.

I’m a new Dad, I will make mistakes. But I’m excited to see where life takes my family and I along the way.