During the past few months I have been purging my house of all unnecessary mess. Decluttering with extreme prejudice. 

Getting rid of unwanted, unused, unopened, unnecessary ‘stuff’.

While at first it felt as though I had taken on an unbeatable task. I soon realised how rewarding it would be and how many benefits would result.  

Rules to my decluttering madness:

  • If it doesn’t serve a useful purpose, chuck it
  • Haven’t used it in over 6 months? chuck it
  • Bought it now it takes a too much space, chuck it or move it
  • If it has sentimental value but it’s in the way, pack it away 
Office decluttering

Here are the benefits of having a decluttered living space!

Save time

Less stuff means it takes up less space which means less mess to clean. Less time spent cleaning is more free time. Plain and simple. The more stuff you have, the more maintenance that ‘stuff’ requires.

Getting Organized

Having too much stuff everywhere is a sure way to lose things. By decluttering you’re giving each and every purposeful item a place to stay. A place you will remember where it is and be able to keep track of everything much easier.

The less you have, the easier it is to be organized. Do you really need to keep piles of old files in your home office?

5 reasons to declutter

It’s refreshing and more appealing 

Clutter can make your home feel messy, untidy, and well, cluttered! By decluttering you’re giving yourself space to breath!

Clean open spaces are a lot more refreshing and inviting than a room filled with clutter. By decluttering you are keeping only things you enjoy and things that serve a purpose. Creating a much more refreshing and appealing space.

It saves money and can make money too!

You ever buy something in your weekly grocery shop only to come home and find that item already in your pantry. Yeah, me too. 

By decluttering you will be able to keep track of everything better. Knowing exactly what items you currently have. Stopping you from unnecessary excess shopping. Boom, saving money.

Making money? Well, to start off with you’re surely not going to just throw away the tonnes of stuff you’ve accumulated over the years. 

Use the process to your advantage and sell some stuff! 

Using online apps like Gumtree, Ebay and Facebook Marketplace you can earn a good buck for your unwanted, excess stuff.

Over the years i have made quite a good little side gig out of reselling items after they have past their usefulness for me.

pantry decluttering

Decluttering will give you focus

You will soon start to realise that stuff is just, stuff. None of it will actually fulfill you. 

I am not saying to go all out minimalism. A minimalist lifestyle is not for everyone. Having possessions comes with being a regular average person. But do we all really need so much?

Decluttering will give you some clarity and help you find what is actually important to you. For me I only keep items that help me give value in the aspects of my life that matter above all material things. Family, Friends and Experiences.

Try a bit of decluttering and let me know how it goes! I’d love to hear about it!

Josh at Becoming Minimalist has an awesome step by step for you to check out!