The internet is not short of useful comparison sites for helping you save money.  Below are 5 websites that we have used in the past and currently to compare and get advice from. 

When looking at comparison sites. Use independent sites that are not sponsored by the financial products promoted will serve you best. With companies in constant competition with each other. It is always a good idea to check your household utilities periodically to see if you are on the best deal available.

Canstar – A leading research agency and Australia’s biggest financial comparison site, comparing more brands than any other comparison site. 

comparison sites

WhistleOut – An independent australian company that helps over a million Aussies a month compare telecommunications products, like mobile phone and internet plans.

We actually used this site recently to save! here’s the article!

whistle out comparison sites

iSelectA go-to destination for comparing and saving across insurances, utilities and personal finance products made available from a range of providers. 

iselect comparison sites – Committed to helping Australians of all ages, backgrounds and incomes to increase their financial well being

Money smart is a great resource for keep the average Aussie in the loop and financially aware of how to save money in our hectic everyday lives. Definitely a must read site.

moneysmart site

Finder – Among other financial products, finder will help finding a credit card, buying a home and getting health insurance 

finder comparison sites

Which is the best to use?

Different sites give different results. it’s completely up to us. the consumers to determine which deals are the best suited to us. Do your due diligence when comparing deals and using these tools.

Educating yourself on how to do this effectively will save you possibly thousands over the course of a couple years.

Comparing when we first moved out of home until now. We consider ourselves ten times more financially aware than our younger versions.