There’s a new financial tracking app on the block. With apps like Pocketbook and Frollo already operating confidently in this space. The Clever app is targeted towards Gen Z users interested in a more appealing financial tracking app. The app helps track expenses, set budgets, save on electricity bills and has some sweet cashback offers available among some of the best features it offers. Did I mention it’s a completely FREE app?

This is a sponsored post. Although we do remain completely honest in our review.

Clever aims to be a one stop finance app housing all our financial needs within the one app. You can use the app to make and receive payments via Pay ID as well as avoid awkward confrontations with the request payments function.

Apps like these have been around for sometime now with the best ones doing a great job of helping us streamline our finances whilst giving people peace of mind with their financial situations. 

So, how does the Clever App shape up? In this review we’ll discuss some of the key features the Clever app has to offer. 

Set Up

Setting up the app is fairly simple. You are guided by the on board system help ‘Rex’ (which we’ll discuss further in) who guides you through linking your bank account to allow the app insights into your banking habits and expenses. Once you’ve input your categories and how much you spend on each the app does the rest.

After initial set up you are opened to the home page where your balance overviews are. I would like to see a bit of a tutorial added to the app for first time users as it doesn’t really explain where everything is and what everything does. Although after a few minutes it’s easy to find your way around. 


My initial impressions of the app were good, the design and outlay is sleek and easy to understand. Once you set up your accounts the app puts everything together in categories which show where your money is going.

The imagery throughout the app with the use of emojis and other small images gives the user a friendly experience. Although sometimes it seems a little overkill in some parts.

Overall the design of the app is easy to understand, attractive but most importantly functional.

One thing I would prefer to see however is the option to have my separate accounts displayed on the home screen rather than having to click through to see them. More specifically for me, I don’t care how much I have in total. I just want to know how much is in my spending account for sausage rolls!

financial tracking


As all financial tracking apps should, the Clever App is secured with bank grade security. This is always a big must have on these finance apps when you are going to put in not just your personal details but your bank details as well.

Spending Tracker 

The spendings tracker does exactly that, track spendings for the month. All outgoing expenses through your linked bank account are categorised and displayed in the My Spending section of the app. 

The My Spending section shows you how much your budget is for the month as well as total amounts spent up top. The categories then list down below how much you’ve spent in each category with a percentage of total spend shown underneath. The way I choose to budget is primarily made up of certain percentages used for all my expenses so this is a pretty handy thing to see.

The categories list is a great idea but I think a further function of being able to open each category and pick out individual transactions would add more depth to this function of the app. 

Make and Request Payments

The Clever app allows users to make and request payments both in the app. The app has the ability to have your PayID linked for you to be able to use it as a method of payment which is great, in this day and technological age these financial apps should have this function.

The part that makes Clever stand out from the crowd is the ability to request payments. You simply input how much you are owed, a short message and send away to whomever owes you money! I see this as a very useful function for sole traders or just mates who might owe another mate a carton of beer! The request payments function takes the awkwardness of asking for money away from users and handles it precisely. Clever only takes a small 1% fee on request payments transactions which is much cheaper than other options like Paypal.

Both functions are a big tick for us!

Rex Assistant

Ok, I’m just going to say it. I didn’t like Rex. During the initial set up it was helpful to have been walked through setting up accounts and budgets but once you’re in, Rex does little more than provide quirky comments on my financial status.

I think big improvements can be made by developers by allowing users to ask Rex questions about app functions and benefit more from an onboard assistance service like Rex other than it’s current automated functions. 

Clever App

How The Clever Financial Tracking App Can Help You Save

Compare Electricity Providers

For those that don’t know how to compare and save the old fashion way through sites like Energy Made Easy then this will benefit you. Clever can do this in app comparison by letting you upload your current electricity bill and they will show you where you can save by switching! 

They do take a small booking fee through commercial partnerships however. In some instances this is a little red flag because it means they are incentivised to promote some providers over others. I will say however I did not find this to be the case whilst using the app.

Cashback Rewards

The other cool part of the app is the cashback rewards section. In this section you can find plenty of sweet cashback deals for shopping for certain brands. Most online shopping is done without knowing where to get deals like this from, thankfully the app puts a lot of these deals into one easy to find place. There are cashback deals for places like Timberland AU, The Man Shake and just to name a few.


With the app being in its early stages the ‘Hub’ seems a little unpopulated right now. I do see the purpose and practicality of it for future use however. It provides a place for users to share and discuss financial interests like Budgeting, Investments and Couple Finances.

The Hub is a great idea with all that’s needed at the moment is more users (which I’m sure will come in the near future) to populate the comments sections with all manner of financial tips, tricks and advice. 

Clever Financial Tracking App

The app provides security and organises the users income whilst tracking expenses and helping with budgeting. Along with useful features like request payments and cashback rewards I’ve found this app to be extremely savvy in it’s approach to personal finance. 

My experience using the Clever App over the past week has been overall a positive one. The app is the new kid on the finance app block and out to scoop up its fair share of users. 

The app, like plenty of others does have some areas that it could improve but for a new app it’s pretty damn well put together!

Would I recommend using it? Yes!

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