Bad money habits
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8 Bad Spending Habits That Will Keep You Broke

Bad Spending Habits. We’ve all had them or still have them. To be able to develop better habits we first…

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Stretch Your Dollars – Saving Money Tips from 1992

Fifty simple ways to stretch your dollars. I recently picked up an old book from an op shop: Saving Money…

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Budget Overhaul for January 2021 – A financial assessment

It’s the start of a new year and another budget overhaul. As I’m sure almost everyone was happy to leave…

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How I Save My Money every time I get paid

How I save my money every time I get paid. Saving is of the utmost importance when it comes to…

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Frugal Fun: 12 dirt cheap fun activities

Frugal fun. A night out, or in shouldn’t mean blowing your weekly budget. There are tonnes of options for entertaining…

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Comparison sites to help you save money

The internet is not short of useful comparison sites for helping you save money.  Below are 5 websites that we…

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Finance tips from the How To Money podcast

We recently interviewed 22 year old personal finance enthusiast Kate Campbell, Editor and Host of How To Money from Melbourne….

Captain FI
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Captain FI, The FIRE personal finance pilot

Captain FI is a frugal personal finance blogger. His own tips, tricks, experiences towards FIRE (financial independence retire early) and…

Phone bill savings
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Phone Bill Savings, how to save on your monthly plan

Phone bill savings. The telco industry is constantly evolving. Competition is fierce among competitors which means us as consumers get…

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Decluttering, 5 Reasons to make a start

During the past few months I have been purging my house of all unnecessary mess. Decluttering with extreme prejudice.  Getting…

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Save money instantly with these 2 tips

Carry a drink bottle Let’s save money. Annually, Australians spend almost $1 billion on bottled water alone. Bottled water is…

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How to save on your next grocery shop using these 5 tips

Your regular weekly groceries are one of the main and largest expenses we have. Evaluating and adjusting your shopping habits…

budget planning
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Why you need a value-based budget and how to create one

This post is written by Catherine Cowan. A personal finance and frugal living blogger. Her blog is a fantastic resource…

Dubbo return point
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Return and Earn scheme, is it a good side hustle?

As most people living in NSW are aware, the return and earn scheme is a litter reduction scheme introduced to…

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8 Types of debt, understanding what type of debt you have

Debt, what is it? Debt is when you owe anyone money. Any time you don’t pay in full—that’s debt. Are…

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Save money in Sydney, 7 tips to save everyday

The cost of living in Sydney is rising every year. So how do you manage to keep afloat in this…

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Power and Wifi

For the majority of us that don’t live at home with our parents or even the ones that do, saving…

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Hello world! Welcome!

Where to start, Steph and I (Sarne) are a married couple living in Sydney, Australia. We have been together for…