Frugal Nigerian Girl, A fellow frugal living enthusiast and youtuber wrote this article to be featured on our blog. Highlighting her unique interpretation of frugality and the values associated. You can find her on Youtube as well as Instagram!

Our lives are not all the same, perhaps someone sees the need to be frugal because they have many people relying on them. Perhaps, it’s because they are saving money for a particular goal like university, a house, a new car, a big move or even a vacation. 

Frugality isn’t contingent upon or defined by your reason for being strategic about spending money. For instance, your wedding is an experience that may never happen again,  memories that stay with you forever. You may have a massive amount of value from that day, so live it to the fullest. Others may have the value in spending that money over a long period of time to allow for some other goal later. 

What is Frugality to me

I think of ‘frugality’ as not falling into the trap of paying for convenience. Life isn’t black and white, you don’t need a definition or a label. But you do need to recognize its meaning and importance in your own life. knowing that it’s absolutely okay for each of us to have slightly different ideas of frugality. The perspectives come together and you choose what works for you and  serves your life best. 

Being frugal for someone on a very limited income is not the same for someone who has a  great deal of wealth but both may be striving towards frugality in order to reach certain goals. Someone absolutely can own a million naira/dollar home and still be frugal. 

This also depends on your goals, practices and beliefs, everyone has a different starting point, a different ending point and a different journey along the way. 

We all prioritize our spending differently and place different importance on things. I believe in living your best life, so spend money for experiences or items that make you happy, while  making sure you have those emergency and retirement funds. 

Frugal Living enthusiast

Being frugal is living within your means, if your means allow you to pay off that expensive house and property, then yes go for it. But if you have to take out a gigantic loan and put yourself in debt to buy that million naira/dollars house or wedding then it’s a gigantic no for me. 

My point is if people can afford it and it brings them happiness, fulfilment and good memories, then that’s a good thing.

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