We’ll start by saying this article is not sponsored in any way. The following review is a genuine account of our experience using the Aircamp app and our chat with Mike Hill.

What is Aircamp?

Aircamp -

Aircamp Australia is a free app which allows campers and travellers alike to find camp-sites, caravan parks and similar accommodations. The app features tonnes of filters that show you the sites you want with the amenities you’re after. 

Aircamp contains an open map with hundreds of sites Australia wide.

Relying on community interaction to allow seekers to give constructive reviews and post images of campgrounds as they visit them. 

The app provides all these features and more to users completely free.

Co-founder Mike Hill

Former Holler founder returns with social media startup, Curator.io

I recently chatted with Mike Hill. Co-founder of Aircamp and a user of the app himself to gain a better insight to the app and how it became what it is today. 

Originally a wildlife photographer. Mike hill found himself ending up as a multi skilled digital marketing expert through many other career stepping stones over the years. He is responsible for other Australian start ups including Curator and Puffling.

During my chat with Mike I felt that he has a genuine passion for the app and continues to take on board the feedback he receives from the users. 

Our experience with Aircamp

We have personally used Aircamp on our frugal adventures throughout the past few years and can say first hand that it is a valuable resource to campers. 

The ease of finding free campsites on the app is unrivalled when comparing to other similar free apps we have tried and tested. 

The ability to read reviews from real people that have visited the sites rather than the advertisers spiel gives you an honest understanding of what lies ahead. should you choose to stay at said location. 

Using the filters feature lets you check which features you need before booking. say you only want to stay at a site that has somewhere to swim, check that in the filters! its super easy.

Using the filters allows you lock in which amenities you deem necessary to your trip. 


The map feature is great too, zoom in or out on a location you’d like to visit and see all the sites available for you. we’ve been able to discover free campsites that we had never previously heard of thanks to this feature of the app. 

A common question by users of the app is, does this support off-line use? In short, no. When I spoke with Mike he did tell me something very interesting though. The app has a great caching ability which means it saves sites you had loaded while online allowing you to see them again whilst ‘off-line’. Although not supporting a fully offline function this does take a step towards that use. 

an offline feature would be understandably tricky to set up. 

Overall the Aircamp app has provided us the value and convenience it promises ten times over. with over 200,000 people now using it, its community interaction is thriving and current for most sites. We highly recommend using it if your on the lookout for free and/or cheap accommodation for your next frugal adventure.

Interview with Mike Hill

Here below is a full transcript of our 20min chat !