Married since 2017, together since 2010 building our wonderful life together through frugality. Here is our story.

Growing up in lower middle class families neither of us has ever been giving a ‘silver spoon’ so to say and have always had to be resourceful through our young lives going into adulthood.


Frugal Beans


It wasn’t until I became an adult and more attuned to the value of a dollar that I realized how to stretch it and how to get the most out of what I have, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

Having parents from either end of the frugal spectrum gave me a good sense of judgement when I comes to life from a financial standpoint. Although I don’t consider myself a financial expert by any means. I do know the value of a dollar.



When I look back on my childhood today, I am so grateful for all the lessons and life skills my parents gave us. I realize now my childhood has made me into the resourceful, appreciative, outgoing adult I am today.

Once the day came for us to spread our young adult wings and move out of our parent’s home into our own, shit got real. You don’t realize how much bills cost until your actually paying them as a fully grown adult.