This Saturday adventure just past was definitely a day to remember. A bright cloudless day, a gentle winter breeze combined with stunning views made our Saturday morning one to remember. We have always stressed to our friends and each other that an adventurous memorable day does not need much money at all. Being resourceful and creative seems to always give us great experience and reassurance every time we venture out.

This city of ours, Sydney has some of the most beautiful places to see in the world. Both within the centre as well as just outside of it. Endless amounts of hiking trails, lookouts and beaches provide us with a privilege a lot of people don’t take advantage of. We gravitate towards the activities that seem to cost us the most out of pocket.

Instead I think we should sway toward activities that can provide us with benefits not found in a movie theatre (especially since they are closed during the pandemic).

Our latest day trip adventure found us heading south. From our home in Campbelltown we drove about 1 hour to our starting destination in Minnamurra. 

To begin what we only know as the Kiama coastal walk. 

Travel cost

In my regular day job I drive a company car. My boss, who is an avid weekend explorer himself, has always been gracious enough to allow me to use that car for my personal escapades. If our plans are relatively local I do not need to pay for any petrol. However if they are very far away then yes i do put in money for petrol cost in the car.

This was not such one of those occasions though.

Where this particular adventure trail begins, it does have a train station only a 2min walk from the start point. Have we not had access to a car we could have easily caught the train down for very little cost.  

The hike

start to finish is 22km with some of the most spectacular views along the way you could hope for. The place shines more than an oily sumo under a heat lamp. We picked the day perfectly. Although we only completed 10km, Minnamurra to Kiama. We enjoyed it enough to set plans to complete the second half in a couple weeks time.

Kiama itself is a thriving coastal town. Full of beaches, parks and the famous Kiama blowhole! This was my first time witnessing it. And wow, it’s pretty impressive in person. The picture just does not do it justice.

One part of any hike that I personally don’t like as much, is the walk back. You’re tired and just want to lay down. That’s why this one differs. Throughout the whole trail there are train stations at every major stop. We hiked the 10km to Kiama then got the luxury of catching the train back to our starting point!

One other thing I enjoyed in Kiama, the library! Right next to the train station. We had 45min to kill while waiting for our train so the library was fantastic to relax and read in until our departure. Woo for free activities!


This is where we spent that damn $9! 

When hiking or on any adventure we prep all our food beforehand at home. We plan our meals for the day and have it ready and packed into our esky in the boot of the car.

Using most items that we already have at home I do not consider them part of the $9 expense. Because I would have eaten anyway had we been at home for the day.

Ok so secret, it didn’t actually cost $9. $9 is just what I paid. 

We have a woolworths rewards card that we scan for points with every shop. Every 2000 points rewards you with $10 off your next shop. It had just so happened that this fell on the thursday prior! So our total was actually $19 but with the $10 off we only spent $9 in total out of pocket.

Our go to food while we adventure is usually small snacks that pack a punch of goodness into you as well still tastes good.

We each carry our own food with our water packs. 

This hikes snacks consisted of;

  • 1 boiled egg
  • 1 banana
  • 2 small rolls (ham, lettuce, onion, cheese, mayo)
  • 2L water each

Enough sustenance to get us through our trek and have us pretty hungry afterward for lunch!


Now, we knew it would be a chilly winter’s day when we left so the plan was that we had to have a hot meal post hike. There was never an option to go to a restaurant, cause hey. We the damn frugal beans yo!

So we packed with us in the boot of the car our portable butane stove burner, cooking utensils and a blanket for a BBQ picnic lunch.


  • Lamb chops
  • Chicken shish kebabs
  • Potato salads
  • Fresh rolls
  • Oreo’s (treat/dessert)

The lamb on it’s own cost $12. Had I chosen to get $4 sausages instead we could have almost eliminated any outgoing costs for the day. But I’m not a huge fan of sausages unless they’re at a Bunnings sausage sizzle. 

We try to take day’s like this regularly. Enjoying the surroundings we have access to as well as proving to ourselves that we do not need money for an amazing day out. Some of the most beautiful times in our life have been the most simple. 

Throw a picnic blanket in a park and munch on last night’s dinner. I guarantee you’ll remember it more than last night’s episode of whatever show is trending.  

If you know of any awesome, off the beaten tourist track trails we want to know about them!

Send us a message, comment !

Always take the scenic route