Community compliments frugality. Most of us on a frugal journey from time to time tend to feel as though we’re in it alone. This post will prove that wrong. Frugality is defined as: the quality of being economical with money or food; thriftiness. Being economical: giving good value or return in relation to the money, time, or effort expended.

Efforts expended, working alone far expends more effort rather than with a group. Sharing common interests relating to frugality can be to be able to share values and/or experiences. 

When we think of frugal living the picture in our heads is not often one of a community working together or a big extended family. If frugality is all about the qualities of being economical then it is far more economical to work with as many people as possible whilst expending no extra effort.

“None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.”

Mother teresa

5 Ways Community Compliments Frugality.

A catalyst for inspiration and motivation

The stronger your community the more people uplift one another through positive energy. Sharing ideas and values gives us a sense of drive to achieve more. A not so attractive however good aspect of community is that it promotes competition with or without intentionally doing so. Being competitive often pushes us to drive forward more than we would on our own.

Shared lessons and knowledge

Sharing past mistakes and successes with others in your community can benefit us by learning more about a path we intend to take before taking the first step. Learning from others’ mistakes. Asking others to share personal knowledge on topics you may be interested in to better understand rather than reading about someone random, you get to hear first hand experiences. 


It’s not what you know, it’s who you know remember? Knowing more people and having more contacts means that there is always someone who can help with anything you need. In exchange you can return the favour by helping them with something you may specialize in. This point is especially important and can save us tonnes when it comes to paying for goods and services. Networking is a huge bonus of community.

ways community compliments frugality


Networking means more opportunities. Successful people are always doing cool stuff! Knowing more people and being an active member of the community will afford you many more opportunities to have more memorable experiences! Without paying for them alone.

community compliments frugality


There’s always fun in large numbers! Communities are always doing fun stuff. And most of the time there’s plenty of free events to attend.

Community Compliments Frugality

Human beings are social by nature. We are family orientated communal creatures by default. Being a part of a family, community or any other social group by definition stands to benefit our own experiences and opportunities. Being an active member of a community almost never costs money, only time and effort. But doing so rewards us with opportunities and experiences we would not otherwise have access to. 

Just grab some friends and go have some fun!

Finally, writing this has made me realize that there are people out there who may feel as though they don’t belong or fit in with any ‘group’. Firstly, why fit in when you can stand out! Secondly, please just reach out to someone and give it a try. Thirdly, there are plenty of places and groups all over the world for any colour, creed, orientation or style where we can find a place to belong. Or, if you just simply prefer to be alone then go for it my dude! One of my all time heroes is one of those people! David Goggins!