The world is full of things you have to get out your wallet to spend money on. In this day and age we are constantly having to pay for even the smallest item or service. In recent years I have found myself more and more aware that there are things that we just don’t have to pay for. Here are 5 things I do not spend money on:

Tea & Coffee

Personally, I think the idea of spending up to $8 for a cup of coffee is absolutely ridiculous. Therefore, I refuse to spend money on coffee and tea. I make mine at home. Always. If I know I am going somewhere I know a coffee would suit then I still make it at home. Pour it into a thermos and take it with me. I just can’t justify spending so much on something that actually costs a fraction of what we pay for it. Important note, I drink coffee Black. So it is basically the same always anyway. I began the transition from latte to black panther a few years ago whilst researching the healthiest way to drink caffeine. Having my coffee this way keeps it very cheap. 

With Tea, we only occasionally brew for a sunny cool Sunday afternoon or sometime similar. Tea is more reserved for relaxing. We buy our herbal tea blends in our grocery shopping occasionally. In the near future I plan to make my own tea!


I do not spend money on my leisure reading. I do not buy brand new books from the bookstore ever. Nor do I buy books through an online retailer for kindle ect.. So, how do I still read so many books !? Easy, My local library. I am fortunate enough to have a large local library that I can borrow from all year round. 

On the occasions that I do not go to the library for new books to read. I know of a few online sources for books that I can easily download for free.

If a new book comes out that I eagerly want to read I just practice some frustratingly timely patience and wait for my library to get it. Or, if a friend of mine has it I will ask to borrow.

TV & Streaming Services

To start with, we don’t actually spend much of our free time in front of the tv. My wife and I both utilise our free time reading, writing or studying. Over the past few years we’ve come to realise that the days we feel we ‘don’t have enough time’ to get everything done, we were actually wasting hours on end watching tv! So in recent years we’ve cut this time down to around half an hour to an hour a night max.

For the most part we watch free to air tv. We do have streaming services active on our tv like Netflix, Stan and Disney+ but here’s the secret. We don’t pay for any of them. Although a little cheeky, we have access through a couple family members who do pay for their subscriptions. We asked if we could be a ‘user’ of their accounts and they happily allow us to do so. It does not affect their bill in any way and we get free Netflix. 

Should the day come we are stripped of the luxury of streaming services I’m sure we’ll survive. Contrary to popular belief there are many ways to watch tv without paying for it.

Besides, most nights I feel like a bit of screen time entertainment. I watch YouTube. Absolutely free and endless content covering anything I can think of.

5 things i dont spend money on


I do not spend money on anything I want to learn about. The internet is a plethora of free information as well as local resources like the library. I have found over the past few years that everything I want to learn is already at my fingertips. 

There are also plenty of free online course providers like Khan Academy that provide free courses covering dozens of topics you could be interested in.

Of course if I were seeking a formal qualification I may have to pay for it. But, my interests and passions do not require me to spend any money learning.

With the help of YouTube I taught myself to play guitar when I was 18 years old and have kept that skill ever since. Whatever you may be interested in, there is somewhere on the internet you can learn about it. Free.


By adventure I am mainly focussing on our days out exploring. Camp trips as well as hike trips. Being regular hikers and campers we never camp in places that cost money. We are lucky enough to have endless amounts of beautiful free campsites all over our state. Our sense of adventure almost never involves money. 

With fun activities like Geocaching, we are never short of things to do on a day out. The idea of spending a lot of money for a day’s excitement is abstract to me. I do not see a reason to spend on adventure when all you need is a sense of creativity. Pack a lunch. Explore your local area. Find hidden treasures. Get excited.

With the exception of overseas travel and the occasional adrenalin experience, we never spend on our local adventure outings.


Each one of these items on our list is open to interpretation. I am not hardened to the idea of spending money when needed. However, if It isn’t completely necessary then why spend it? We have gotten so use to the idea that everything comes at a price that we don’t even question it any more. These examples are spending’s that we can question their necessity. 

Please let us know if there is something you do not spend money on in the comments!