Firstly I will start by saying, this article is not sponsored. These are all learning apps we have used in the past and have had success improving our own knowledge across many different topics and subjects. 

Investing in yourself is an extremely important part of frugal living for us. Using time frugally to improve is the best way to get the most out of the day. After a night spent with the tv on binge watching whatever is trending at the time I always feel like I have wasted time and valuable energy.

More and more nowadays I spend my free time investing in myself. Whether that be reading a book, fact or fiction it doesn’t matter. I’m in that to improve my vocabulary. Watching/investigating something on Youtube. Youtube is a meticulous resource all people with internet access can use. I use Youtube as a source to learn most new things I am interested in. I first learnt to play the guitar from Youtube videos. Among other avenues I will take a short course through an app on my phone and/or tablet. Using learning apps in my freetime allows me to feel more accomplished every night knowing I have increased my brain power just that little bit more.

Here are 4 free learning apps we have tried and found very beneficial

Khan Academy, online course learning app

Khan academy, created by Salman khan is a world famous non profit organization. The organization produces short lessons in the form of videos through it’s mobile app and website.

Khan Academy offers self paced learning. Trusted content created by experts, Khan Academy’s library of lessons covers math, science, and more. Always free for learners and teachers.

We have used this app personally and have learnt plenty of new things as well as improving knowledge on topics that we lacked in depth understanding of. A must have app for anyone looking to create productivity in their down time.

Duolingo, language learning app

Duo lingo is a language learning website and mobile app. The website and app are available free although they do offer some premium services for a charge. Duolingo is not a stand-alone language course, but it is an awesome addition to a language learner’s program as a whole. It’s easy to use, fun and it works.

I first began to learn a few words in spanish using the app which helped profusely when we visited Spain on our honeymoon in 2017. Using the app in conjunction with another language course will help to achieve real fluency. Remember to read, speak, and truly live the language that you’re learning.

Edx, online course provider

edX is a massive open online course provider created by Harvard and MIT. It hosts online university-level courses in a wide range of disciplines to a worldwide student body, including some courses free of charge. More than 150 schools, nonprofit organizations, and corporations offer courses on the edX website and app.

edX is a wonderful website/app offering courses ranging across what seems like endless subjects from Economics & finance to philanthropy. edX is the platform we first used to study accounting and finance and gain a far more in depth knowledge of our financials.

Google Primer, digital marketing learning app

Primer is a free mobile application by Google, designed to teach digital marketing and business skills to almost anyone using 5-minute interactive lessons.

Google Primer is super easy to use and packs a lot of information into short palatable lessons that catch your attention quickly. It’s an app I’ve used to improve my skills in my 9-5 sales day job. Completely free.

Learning apps to upskill

Online there are literally dozens upon dozens of places that offer free online based courses. Finding a course that you are interested in is relatively easy if you know what you are searching for. Unless it is something you require a government accredited certificate for, you usually can get the information you need to learn for free. We live in an information driven world with it all in the palm of our hands. Smart phones have enabled us to be able to learn wherever we are. Sourcing the information you need is ultimately up to you. Sure, you can pay for the first course that pops up on google. But more than likely there is a provider out there that offers the same content for free. 

If you want the knowledge without the expense. Do your due diligence. These apps have helped us upskill many times without paying anything. Knowledge is power and that knowledge does not need to cost you anything but your productive time.

One month of investing in myself