The age of the side hustle is here, with all of us wanting to make extra money. Nowadays people in all walks of life are encouraged to have multiple streams of income. Diversifying our income can give us better security, savings and help us achieve goals much quicker.

In this article I will go through 13 ways to make extra money for you and your family allowing you to reach your financial goals much quicker. 

Lower Expenses As Low As Possible 

In our previous article we broke down how we were able to add an extra $6,700 a year to our own pocket by cutting our expenses. This is where I suggest everyone start. There is always savings to be made by comparing utility providers and reevaluating your current budget.

Peer to Peer Lending 

Peer to peer lending platforms like Plenti offer up to 6.5% p.a interest on investments. A much higher return than a traditional savings account. Peer to peer lending is a new way we choose to invest part of our money and I highly suggest doing your research before investing.

plenti peer to peer lending

Invest In Yourself 

Learning new skills always has a valuable return. Investing in yourself can earn you tonnes depending on the skills you choose to learn. One skill I taught myself many years ago was how to refurbish second hand furniture. I now make a solid side hustle from refurbishing and reselling furniture through platforms like Gumtree. There are plenty of free educational websites like Khan Academy that offer free online courses covering a huge amount of disciplines.

khan academy

Stocks (ETFs & Index Funds) 

Learn to invest in index funds that pay dividends. As any investments are regarded, do your due diligence and research when making the decision to invest. A solid income can be made from dividend payments depending on your investment size and the funds you invest in.

make extra money

High Interest Savings Account

High interest savings accounts allow your money to work for you whilst it sits in savings. ING Bank currently offers a 1.35% p.a interest rate on their Max Savings account. A high interest savings account is a great way to have your money make more money, safely.

ing bank savings account

Selling Second Hand Items, Refurbish and Resell  

As I mentioned before, refurbish and resell second hand items. This could be anything from collectible toys to tools to furniture. It all depends on the niche you want to explore. The emergence of frugality becoming more popular nowadays has opened a wide market for refurbished items so there is plenty to be made by doing this.


There are a few Australian survey sites that pay well for doing surveys. We currently use Octopus Group and in the past 3 days have earnt $30 for completing 5 surveys. Doing surveys can be a bit boring in my opinion. But instead of scrolling through meme’s on facebook endlessly I see it as a more productive way to use that time earning money. 

Offer A Service In Your Local Area

If you own a van or ute, you can offer a pick up/delivery service via platforms like Gumtree and Facebook. I have made hundreds if not over $1,000 by doing this over the past year. I quote per job and the distance required to travel. Just post the ad up and wait for jobs to come to you!

Another service could be lawn mowing services, which I have also done and loved it. You get outside, get to meet new people and often it becomes recurring income to make extra money.

Start An EBay Store 

Ebay has been around forever for a good reason. Do some niche research and find a low competitive niche you can slip into then start selling. Promote your business through social media and away you go!

Commission Based Work 

Working in sales for many years now I’ve found that there is always work available through a commission base. Commission means you only get paid for the sales you make. Depending on the market and your own expertise this can be very profitable. Commission based work has benefits on being time flexible for the work you do. If you are good at it you won’t need to sacrifice much time at all.

sales representative

Freelance Writing 

There are plenty of people, companies and content providers that are always searching for content creators. Freelance writing is a way for you to be paid for your creativity and skills. Advertise through platforms like Fiverr and start getting paid to write. I have only advertised for a week now and am still waiting for my first paid ‘gig’ to write. This avenue is highly competitive and I’m very open to anyone with some tips to increase exposure!

Part Time Work 

Yes, getting a second job is one of the harder ways to make extra money but finding the right one could boost your savings capacity in the short term by hundreds. I would suggest this only for a short term to avoid burning yourself out. Use a second job to hit your goal then stop it. Working for an hourly rate is not (in my opinion) the best way to make the most of your time. Search websites like Seek for part time and weekend work. In the past I have worked at a call centre, donut shop and done some labouring to get money in the door quickly.

Working As An Extra 

This is a brand new one for me. A cousin of mine did some work as an extra and told me he earnt $2,000+ for half a day’s work! So, as of this week I have signed up for an information session with a casting agency to find some work as an extra. At the very least it will be an exciting experience I will be able to show my kids in the future. On the plus side it could earn some serious coin.

working as an extra

How To Make Extra Money

The key to making extra money is simply diversifying your income streams. Having one income forces you to be reliant on said income. Having a range of income streams gives you the flexibility to live life on your terms. If you have any income streams you’d like to share with us please let us know!