Sydney has been in it’s second lockdown for 2 full weeks with the New South Wales Premier just announcing a third consecutive week to follow. The health orders are to stay home and only venture out for essential travel and work. This means we need fun lockdown activities more than ever! 

For most of us Sydney-siders this extended lockdown announcement was extremely unwanted! We want to get out and enjoy our city!

But doing the right thing to stop the spread of the infamous virus is of utmost importance. So for another week we are at home. This doesn’t mean we plan to sit on our thumbs and watch endless reruns of The Office. No, there are tonnes of fun lockdown activities we can do to occupy our time in our own home!

1. Keep Active

The gyms have closed. But surprise surprise you don’t actually need one to be active! There are plenty of online resources to guide you through workouts via sites like YouTube and Fitness Blender. You can also access plenty of free workouts via apps like FitOn and MapMyRun. We have used all of these and they are great free resources at your disposal for any type of workout from yoga to strength training.

workout at home

2. Check In With Yourself Through Meditation

Fine tune your mental state and check in with your own well being. Meditation is fast becoming a very common method for people to lower stress levels and relax. If you have trouble doing this alone, try guided meditation apps like Medito and Simple Habit

Meditation will not carry you to another world, but it will reveal the most profound and awesome dimensions of the world in which you already live. Calmly contemplating these dimensions and bringing them into the service of compassion and kindness is the right way to make rapid gains in meditation as well as in life.

Zen Master Hsing Yun

3. Catch Up With Old Friends & Make New Ones

Virtually of course. Platforms like Zoom have become synonymous with video conferences these days being used for a number of different types of interactions. 

Go through your facebook friends list and check in with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while! Speaking to different people helps us in many ways. You learn from new people, different people are interesting and speaking to someone new broadens our horizons immensley!

Well And Good has a great article with all the options for meeting new people here!

If you struggle meeting new people and don’t find this a fun lockdown activity that’s perfectly fine! Call a relative or friend you already have contact with!

video call fun lockdown activities

4. Take a virtual Tour

Did you know you can visit some of the world’s greatest museums and cultural sites online? Well, I just found out you can and it’s amazing! Google has an amazing Arts & Culture tool for anyone anywhere to tour. Visit places like the fountain of Trevi in Rome and Akbar’s Tomb in India. Click here to see.

virtual tour

5. Learn A New Skill

There are a few free online course providers we’ve used in the past to learn about a range of topics from Biology to Personal Finance. We have used Khan Academy and Edx in the past but there are plenty of others!

learn new skill fun lockdown activities

6. Get Creative

Explore your creative side. Start something new or hone your creative skills whether that be through music, photography, woodworking or cooking. Time is on your side now throughout lockdown so use it wisely by baking that cake you’ve been meaning to make weeks ago.

Dust off your guitar and learn a new song. Watch YouTube videos on how to develop your photography skills. Or just google creative projects and you’ll be blown away by what comes up!

get creative

We found a great list of easy home diy projects you can do here!

7. Make A Bucket List

bucket list

You’ve probably got a good idea of all the things you want to do in your life but haven’t got them written down right? Now’s the time to do so. Get out some paper and write down everything you want to accomplish in your life. The places you wish to go, the people you want to meet or the challenges you want to conquer. Writing down goals makes them real. It makes you start thinking, start planning. 

That’s the next step in this activity. Create a post lockdown plan. With each bucket list item create a plan of how you are going to achieve it. For instance, if you want to travel the world one day then find out how and plan your trip. If you want to go sky diving, then book it for post lockdown and go do it! If it is money that is stopping you then I highly suggest reading a book like Barefoot Investor. The budgeting skills you will learn will enable you to tackle even your most expenses bucket list item.

8. Gardening

To some, gardening might seem boring at other times but during a lockdown the act of being outside gardening is a great way to get some fresh air. Create a small herb garden or, if you have the space why not go all out and create a full vegie patch!

If you’ve never experienced the joy of accomplishing more than you can imagine, plant a garden.

Robert Brault

9. Read

Pull out that book you bought a year ago because you liked the look of the cover and actually read it! 

A lot of people don’t like reading or feel they aren’t very good at it, I was one of them. A couple years ago I would read about 5 pages then put the book down and never pick it up again. One reason we don’t finish books is because you haven’t found the right one for you. Think about what you’re interested in and guarantee there’s a book for it. Reading is relaxing and far better for you than watching tv.

10. Dance

dancing is a fun lockdown activity

Whether that be by yourself or with your partner at home. Turn on your boombox, Clear the lounge room floor and dance damn it! Loosen up and release those good endorphins! Trust me, you’ll feel amazing.

During Sydney’s first lockdown we decided to tick off a bucket list item by learning to salsa together. With nothing but a YouTube video to help us, we had a blast doing it (although we should continue lessons again to hone our technique)

10 Fun Lockdown Activities 

There is far more to do at home than lay on the couch and complain about being bored. The key is keeping your mind active as well as your body. The internet is an endless resource we all have at our disposal (I know that because you’re reading this online) and we should take advantage of it. 

If none of these fun lockdown activities interest you, just google what does! Chances are there is a YouTube video showing you more of what you fancy!

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